Project Description

Target Audience: Hipster 20-somethings

For this project, I created the brand identity for a fictitious bar and record lounge, “Spins.” The design problem I sought to solve was not only creating a nonexistent space, but designing the accompanying assets such as color scheme, logo and menu design that supported the restaurant’s values and vibe.

My vision for Spins was that it would be a casual, late night hangout for 20-somethings, and I imagined the storefront to be somewhere similar to Adams Morgan or U Street in DC.

I sought for an inviting, casual energy with a touch of professionalism. I appeased the casualness by using a grungy, indie-music aesthetic in the form of rough textures and an edgy black-and-red color scheme, while the crisp lines and sans serif font choice contributed to the professional aspect.

Project Details

Skills Needed:






Project Date:

October 20, 2016