Escape Magazine

This is a resurrected personal zine project from a college art class, with the intention of exercising rusty print layout skills. The concept is a magazine that provides a meaningful escape from mundane daily life, and this issue focuses on travel—specifically the places that I personally carry emotional attachment. In typical zine fashion, I incorporated experimental page design, fun typography and bold spreads accompanied with mild earth tones to calm


This design was submitted for the indie rock group Turnover’s t-shirt contest. In this hand-drawn illustration, I strived to juxtapose the delicacy of the band’s lyrics with the roughness of their sound by using empty beer bottles as vases for wild flowers. Additionally the band name was incorporated into the bottles’ labels while the name of their latest album was written underneath.

Witch’s Brew

This was a poster design for the Hyattsville, Maryland-based coffee roaster, Vigilante Coffee. Their annual community Halloween party was themed “Witch’s Brew” so I sought to utilize the double entendre and illustrate a witch preparing her daily brew of coffee. This piece is hand-illustrated, inked, scanned and then digitally colored in Adobe Photoshop. Multiple prints were made and displayed in the shops leading up to the event.

Desert Heat Soy Candles

For this project, I created a fictitious candle line inspired by the lifestyle and landscape of the American southwest. The mission behind Desert Heat is to provide warmth and nostalgia to a home through ethically-made, all-natural aromatherapy. The color scheme harks to the earth tones of the desert, and the typeface (my all-time favorite) interacts with the hand-drawn illustrations to add a sense of chic playfulness.