jordan | umd senior

Here's a few quick things, aside from the obvious:

I'm an artist, barista and vegetarian.

Writer, illustrator and designer.

I love Neil Young, I'm inspired by minimalism, and my favorite author is John Steinbeck. Goodwill is my happy place, Yuengling is my beer of choice, and I have an addiction to Levi Strauss. I'm easily susceptible to intense bouts of nostalgia, I'm highly defensive of Heinz condiments and am rarely seen without headphones.

Writing was my very first creative love, but as I'm continually growing into my artistic identity, I've come to love all facets of creativity: drawing, photographing, interviewing, cooking, baking and thrifting.

I'm constantly encouraged by Thoreau's pithy quotation: The world is but a canvas to our imagination.

This provides endless possibility, as well as my motivation to achieve it.