Jordan Stovka (she/her) is a Pittsburgh-based writer and illustrator passionate about the arts, culture and music. Pursuing dual degrees in journalism and studio art taught her how to channel creative inspiration in time to meet deadlines as well as develop a more artistic approach to her writing, which has been published in District Fray Magazine, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Baltimore Magazine and the Beaver County Times. 

Her work in the service industry during her post-college years equipped her to better work in teams, listen attentively to others, solve problems and effectively present her ideas. In the undercurrent of all this, she developed a strong, distinct voice from writing self-published essays and freelance guest columns, as well as a unique, hand-drawn illustration style.

All of these skillsets and experiences have placed her in the unique intersection of fact-based writing and artistic creativity, making her a valuable addition to any editorial, magazine or design staff.