Well hi there


You’ve stumbled upon Steeped in Sound, otherwise known as my happy place.

While this originally began as a music blog (reviews, concert footage, artist interviews, etc.), I have to admit that it started to feel gimmicky, corporate and generic. I take pride in being authentically myself and genuine in my intentions, so I took some time to reevaluate my purpose of this blog space.

I concluded that music is more than what leaks through my headphones or what ticket stubs I’ve collected in the shoebox under my bed. It’s about the songs that play in the background of my everyday life; the montage to my routines, my rituals and my breath.

Almost every post here is accompanied by an embedded Spotify song, curated by Yours Truly to fit the mood and tone of my writing for that particular piece. It’s all about the vibe over here.

This blog is intended to give the rhythms of my life a place to exist, and I hope my ramblings and lifestyle can serve as an empathetic, cathartic encouragement to anyone who finds themselves here. The internet can be a superficial, intimidating place and I hope this can serve as a grounding oasis.

And now for a bit about myself: I’m a writer, designer and illustrator passionate about nostalgia, spirituality, sustainability and minimalism. John Steinbeck is my favorite author, Modest Mouse my favorite band and Yuengling my favorite beer.

I’m an avid thrifter who takes great pride in how cheaply she can buy a quality item, and speaking of which, I’m overly loyal to Levi Strauss.

I’m introverted to a fault, which is why writing is such a comfort to me (because it communicates my thoughts without physically having to speak them to another human being).

I think that’s about it for me. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you hang out here for a while.

Much love,